11th November 2021 - London

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Think Student Live 2021 is Here!

It’s here! Think Student Live tickets have landed. So what can you expect from this year’s Think Student Live?

This year’s theme is Brand, insights and purpose: Making an impact on the students changing the world.

At the hands of social media, remote learning and branch campuses, the world of higher education is getting smaller. Which means competition is only getting fiercer. With international recruitment in flux post-Covid, and both national and global markets at the fingertips of so many students, how do you stand out as the first choice in a sea of so many near-identical institutions? How do you uncover the threats and opportunities to your market share, articulate your positioning and achieve your advertising objectives? In other words, why you? 

Now more than ever, it’s all about brand purpose, conveying value and shouting from the rooftop about USPs. At this year’s Think Student Live, we rally experts from all over the world to serve the ultimate masterclass in speaking the student language, getting their attention, and measuring the impact that matters.